Small Tips about Kevlar Rope

Kevlar ropes are indispensable in the current industry due to their properties due to other ropes.
The Kevlar rope color is light golden yellow and is woven from aramid fiber 1414. Aramid fiber has extremely high strength, the tensile strength is 6 times that of steel wire, 3 times of glass fiber and 2 times of high strength nylon industrial yarn; its tensile modulus is 3 times that of steel wire and 2 times of glass fiber. 10 times of high-strength nylon industrial yarn; the continuous use temperature range of aramid is extremely wide, at -196. Long-term normal operation in the range of C to 204 °C. The shrinkage at 150 ° C is 0, and does not decompose and melt at a high temperature of 560 ° C. 4. Aramid rope products include round rope, square rope, flat rope, etc.
Outstanding features:
Kevlar rope has the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus, stable size, low shrinkage, puncture resistance, cut resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, Good mechanical properties, good dielectric properties, etc.
usual format:
Kevlar ropes are available in various sizes. There are three kinds of square ropes and flat ropes. The specifications are as follows: square rope specifications: 3X3mm 4X4mm, 5X5mm, 5.5X5.5mm, 6X6mm, 7X7mm, 10X10mm flat rope specifications: 12X4mm12X3.5mm 12X5.5mm 13X3.5mm 13X3mm 10X4mm 10X3mm 9X4mm 9X3mm 8X3mm Round rope specification: 2mm—12mm
Application areas:
Kevlar rope is now widely used: aramid engineering cable, roller rope, sling, aramid safety rope, aerial work rope, traction rope, aramid leisure rope, paragliding rope, water ski traction rope, aramid Marine rescue ropes, transport hoisting ropes, stab-resistant cutting ropes, wear-resistant aramid ropes, fire-retardant ropes, high-temperature resistant ropes, chemically resistant aramid ropes, etc. have spe

Post time: Dec-24-2018